Baltic Wharf Misguide Walk

Totnes walk 003

Facebook reminded me of this walk around parts of Totnes in September 2015, led by Phil Smith. As I said in my original facebook post, the walk did not disappoint, and Phil’s storytelling was as entertaining and mystifying as ever.

For a short account of the walk and photos follow this link.

Leaving the Building

Exeter misguide 001

In August 2015  I did a short ‘Misguided’ walk in Exeter, led by Simon  Persighetti, a founder member of ‘Wrights and Sites‘ and co-author of ‘An Exeter Mis-guide‘ and ‘A Mis-guide to Anywhere‘. The walk planned to ‘look at the spaces between buildings and to focus on the relationship between the person in the street and the architectural environment’ – and to provide research for a new Misguide publication ‘Architect-Walkers’.  It was a fascinating morning.

For an account of the walk and photos follow this link.

Earthwalking July 2015

Earthwalking 018

This was a two day walk along the Jurassic Coast from Beer to Sidmouth, 13-14 July 2015.  The Earthwalking event was organised by Anne-Marie Culhane with the University of Exeter and was billed as providing an opportunity for ‘exploring earth as a living system through different stories of the sea and land, time and change … with contributions from artists, scientists and the local community‘. It was thought provoking – and physically challenging …

For an account of the walk and photos follow this link. Anne-Marie’s post on ecoartscotland can be found here.